Some frequently aks questions about Finesse Fireplaces and our services

The sizes shown are not suitable for our space, can we adapt the designs?

Every Finesse fireplace is hand-carved to order, so design changes are very easily made. All designs can be made wider or taller to suit your space. We work with you to create your perfect fireplace in the dimensions best suited to you. A scale drawing will be provided showing size alterations before carving.

We also encourage our customers to commission their design ideas. Please refer to our service page for details.

Are the fireplaces suitable for solid fuel?

Yes, all our fireplaces are suitable for solid fuel as well as gas and electric fires. The stone fireplace will be designed accordingly to fit your choice.

The colour of the stone varies and there are subtle marks and veins. Is this normal?

Natural Bath Stone is a 150 million-year-old crushed seabed. The subtle marks are fossilised seashells and the veins are calcite crystals. This is entirely normal and gives the stone huge amounts of character.

How do we install the fireplace?

A full installation service is available. Please refer to our service page for further details on this. Alternatively, a competent builder or good DIY expert can install your fireplace. If you would like to arrange installation yourself, a fixing kit of brackets, matching mortar and a fixing method will be provided. We are happy to offer advice on whichever decision you make.

What are slips and back panels?

Slips or back panels are the stones used to cover the area between the opening and the internal sizes of the fire surround. For example, the ‘Tudor Dart” fireplace has slips to reduce the opening, whereas the ‘Richmond Tall” fireplace has no slips at all.